2013 is the 10th year since BLIA was recognized as an NGO in Special Consultative Status with the Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC) of the United Nations in December 2003. As always, BLIA has been dedicated to the “UN Millennium Development Goals – MDG”. At the end of this special year, we would love to share our achievement with you of some of our long-term programs.

1. “Zero Hunger ” Campaign

BLIA Paraguay Chapter has launched the “Zero Hunger” campaign since 2001, and has been serving the underprivileged population for 12 consecutive years. Up till Augst 2013, 338 soy milk machines have been donated, and 93 “soy milk stations” established. Although the soy milk stations are poorly equipped, the servie continuously caters to the need of underprivileged families by providing 2~3 dyas of soy milk per week. Moreover, ther stations also offer soy bean dregs food products available and cooking classes. Every month, the 93 soy milk stations provide 71,291 liters of free soy milk for 4,296 families, benefitting more than 15,287 people. This campaign becomes a vital food source for numerous families.

2. “Sons of Zu Lai” Project

Under the guidance of BLIA World Headquaters President, Venerable Master hsing Yun, the “Son of Zu Lai” program was developed in 2003 to alleviate the social, educaional, and health issues in the farming villages of Sao Paulo that have been plaguing the community. The initial stage of the plan was to provide relief aid for 108 youths aged from 7 to 18 in need of care, offering services such as food delivery, English lessons, intergrated educational programs, etc.

Besides providing children from slums the opportunity for education and vocational skills, the “Sons of Zu Lai” also foster moral ethics of making the right choices in life with the right views and integrity. The project received notable recognition from the local government which allocated 750 square meters of land for the construction of “Luminar Education Center” in 1002, building a learning environment with better facilities. By 2013, the “Sons of Zu Lai” program has been operating for ten consecutive years, and up to 3024, has counseled close to 800 youths, transforming the lives for the better.

3. Hope Schools in rural China

From 1996 till 2013, close to a hundred hope schools have been built in China. Hope Schools aim to achieve universal primary education, and provide tens of thousands of students an open and bright learning facility so children can study in a more conducive environment. BLIA Hong Kong also provides subsidies fro teachers and staff for encouraging them to nurture students; scholarships are awarded to distinguished students for their earnest and diligent learning. In addition, all students receive dictionaries, pencil boxes, and candy. The establishment of Project Hope School provides many needy children the opportunity to go to school and have a bright future.

4. Free adults training in Africa.

Knowing the fact that thousands of South African young adults fail to find a job due to lack of education and training, BLIA chapters in Africa has begun to provide free computer lessons since 2005 for both genders. The training contents has been expended compared at the start stage. Currently, there are classes teaching basic computer Word and caculating skills, including MOS, A+, Pastel Accounting, MTA, MCITP, Schoolnet etc. From October 1, 2010 to August 31, 2013, this program has been effective in increasing employment rates locally and enhacing employment opportunities and rights for women.