【Congratulations to all Semi-Final Qualifiers!】

Kindly check your email for the official Letter of Acceptance to Semi Finals for more information.

【Evaluation Process】

1. Preliminary:
(1) Participants can either submit their works in MP3 or MP4 format. Language of work will not be a barrier, but the lyrics provided by the organizer must be used as a content to compose the music.
(2) Judges will select the top 30% contestants for semi-finals based on a continent (America, Asia, Europe, Oceania, Africa) as the basic unit.
(3) Announcement of results: Name lists of semi-finalists will be posted on the official website in early June 2022. Organizer will notify semi-finalists via email.
2. Semi-finals:
(1) Judges will select top 30% contestants for finals.
(2) Announcement of results: Name lists of semi-finalists will be posted on official website in early August 2022. Organizer will inform finalists the date and location of final contest via email.
3. Finals and Award Ceremony:
(1) Date     :Mid September
(2) To ensure fairness of contest, finalists must be present in person during the contest.
(3) Announcement of results:results will be announced after the finals after discussion by judges, awards will be presented. Results will be posted to official website.
(4) The organizer reserves the right to adjust the contest method, depending on the pandemic situation.
The preliminary, semi-final and final performance for adult category can be presented by the song composer himself, or by other people.

【Entry Specifications】

1. Need to use lyrics provided by organizer in song composition.
2. File name format:“The Sounds of the Human World Sound Design Contest – Continent – Country – Name of participant”
For instance:“The Sounds of the Human World Sound Design Contest – Oceania – New Zealand – Zhang San Hao”
3. Duration of each song should not be more than 4 minutes.
4. Language: no limit.
5. Video:
(1) Video format: MP4 and HD (1920x1080)
(2) Need to add lyrics
(3) Should not violate public order or morals
6. Audio file:
(1) The audio file must be either in MP3 or wav format.
(2) The lyrics must be submitted in word format.
7. Music sheets should be attached for selected works. (Staff or Numbered Musical Notation)
8. Any equipment may be used for producing the video, please ensure there is no background noise.
9. Should there be any violation of the rules above, the organizer will notify participant to rectify the video. Failure to resubmit a new video will be regarded as the participant’s withdrawal from the contest.

【Points to Note】

  1. Participating works must be self-created, respect "intellectual property rights", and prohibit  plagiarism or copying of other people's works. If it is found to be true, the organizer will cancel the qualification for the prize and recover the bonus and prizes. The participant shall be responsible for the legal responsibility for the violation of copyright and bear all losses of the organizer.
  2. The personality rights of all submitted works belong to the creator, and the organizer can use relevant creative elements for brand marketing purposes. Participants agree that the copyright property rights of the work (including but not limited to exclusive reproduction rights, exclusive public dictation, broadcasting, screening, performance, display rights, exclusive alterations, editing rights, exclusive rental rights, etc.) can be retained by the winner .The author’s personality rights can be used by the organizer regardless of location, time, frequency, or method, or authorized by a third party to use it.
  3. For non-winning works, the organizer reserves the right to promote and distribute the works.
  4. All applicants shall be deemed to agree to and abide by the various regulations of this contest, respect the evaluation of the selection committee, and shall not discuss the results of the evaluation; the award shall be determined by the selection meeting according to the level of the participant’s work, and it can be processed “as absent” if necessary.The selection committee reserves the final outcome of the results for the contest. The participants are not entitled to appeal to the decision made by the selection committee in regards to the results for the contest.
  5. The organizer reserves the right to add, modify and change the above activities.
  6. If there is any dispute, it shall be governed by the laws of Malaysia and both the participants and the organizer hereby mutually agree to submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of Malaya.
  7. Works used for contest must be newly composed music. If the music has been entrusted to compose on behalf, or has previously won a contest, or has been publicly being posted with rewards, these works cannot be used to participate in this contest.


Q: After submission of entry, how do I know the outcome of my submission?
A: After receiving your entry, the organizer will contact the contestants via email, please ensure your email is correct.

Q: During submission of entry, if there are any technical problems or unable to submit an entry, what should I do?
A: When you encounter a system error, please snap shot the problematic page and forward the screenshot to malaysia@blia.org via email, describe the problem you encounter to us, we will assist you to resolve the system error and complete your submission.

Q: I received feedback that my entry does not comply with the format or rules of the contest, how do I edit my entry?
A: The notification letter will specify how to submit or upload your edited version of entry, please pay special attention to the letter.

Q: Does a video needed to participate in the preliminary contest?
A: The work used for participating this contest can either be a MP4 or MP3 format. There will be no limitation on the content of the video, however, lyrics must be added. If a MP3 format is being used, lyrics must be submitted together. The video presentation will not be part of the evaluation for the preliminary contest.

【Contact Us】

BLIA 2022 The Sounds of the Human World Sound Design Contest Venerable Ru Yin:+60162808683