On the morning of December 24, Yung Jing Song, board member of the BLIA Paraguay Chapter whom is also the president of the Chinese Charity Foundation in Paraguay and Venerable Chueh Wen of the Paraguay Temple went to Comedor de la Villa San Francisco de Hernandaria and Capilla the Sagrada Familia de Tres Frontera de Pdte Franco on Christmas eve where two soy milk stations had been set up long before. Nearly 30 members of the BLIA Paraguay Chapter went as well.

From the eyes of over 150 children as well as their families whom grew up in poverty, the soy bean milk is a blessing.
Each station is equipped with only a few antiquated wooden chairs and a simple soy milk supply timetable posted in the middle of the wooden pillars.

Although a small space around the little huts, volunteers continuously supply 2 to 3 days of soy milk to the poor families every week. The fixed weekly supplies at the two soy milk stations are provided by the BLIA Paraguay Chapter.

It can be described as a source of food for many of the childrens and their families. Due to the lack of supplies, Paraguayan volunteers dedicated time and effort to learn how to make delicious cuisine out of the soybean scraps that were used to make soybean milk.

At the Franco soy milk station, Paraguayan meals were specially prepared in honor of the hundreds of children. The lunch was sponsored by a Japanese company. Before the meal Venerable Chueh Wen spoke to the hundreds of children dining. She hoped that they would eat with a grateful heart as well as hoping they would cherish the meal. At the same time, Venerable Chueh Wen encouraged the children to always take care of their health, speech and mind. She encouraged the children to learn and understand how to treasure good fortune and always share lasting bonds with others.

During the visits to the two stations, one could feel the gap between the rich and the poor. Through the visits we learn to appreciate and treasure what we have and always try to help those around us. Hopefully through our good wishes, these children will grow up healthily!