The earth is where all living beings rely on to survive and also the common home of humanity. Over time and technological advancements the natural environment has suffered considerable harm, reaching the point where living conditions for people are seriously threatened. Based on the theme, “Environmental and Spiritual Preservation,” BLIA and Buddha’s Light Scouts troops have been active in promoting “BLIA Loves the Earth, Protects the Environment” with programs such as advocating vegetarianism, planting trees, preserving energy, reducing carbon, and beach and mountain cleaning. There are also talks and forums on environmental protection for spreading the concepts of environmentalism to the general public in the hopes of getting everyone to come together to actualize “Environmental and Spiritual Preservation.”
Beach Cleaning – BLIA members from Los Angeles, New York, Japan, Taiwan, London, Malaysia, Indonesia, and Africa have engaged in beach cleaning activities, picking up various plastic wastes, non-soluble paper, metal, glass, ropes, tires, and discarded toys etc. A total of 40,000 people were involved in collecting almost 500 tons of trash.
Tree-planting and Reforestation – BLIA Toronto, Canada; BLIA South Island, New Zealand; BLIA Sydney, Australia; and BLIA members in Taiwan have been involved in the “Planting Hope with Your Hands to Protect the Earth” program in planting 160,000 saplings.

Street Cleaning – BLIA members have been active in picking up garbage along roadsides and within bushes, cleaning parks, streets, and sidewalks, coming together to care for and protect the great earth.
Charity Gardening – BLIA Detroit members have been helping with the local Edison garden in Farming Hills, harvesting ripe vegetables and planting for the next season’s growth. All the harvest of the day are donated to the local Gleaners Community Food Bank for many low-income families in the Greater Detroit Area to enjoy fresh, organic vegetables and fruits. The program promotes both vegetarianism and the importance of carbon reduction and environmental preservation.
Through picking up garbage, members appreciate the hard work of cleaning workers. In the process of cleaning beaches, planting trees, and sweeping streets, it is also the opportunity for purifying one’s spirit. Through caring for the earth, they have achieved the preservation of both body and mind as well as self and environment.

Please see below video for better illustration